Donor Fatigue

Voter fatigue

Political fatigue

Candidate fatigue

TV mud slinging fatigue

I think I’d rather have a revolution then listen, see, and interact with these fatigue’s any longer. Why do we put up with day after day anal activity.

Stick a fork in me I’m done

I’m going to the kitchen to bake bread. I’ll be back after the elections or the revolution which ever happens.


The Great Divide

Personal responsibility or ride the liberals train and hope for the Governments managed transfer of wealth. To me that’s what the great divide in our Nation, State, City and families is all about. While the circumstances for each of us in our particular economic settings will be diverse, economic upward mobility still asks the same of each of us. Hard work, financial disciplines and either luck or education.  The haves and the have nots may be better defined as the wills and wont’s. I’m not blind or cold to the fact that there are some exceptions to this, but across the spectrum of the Great Divide I’m right more often than wrong. There are a lot of reasons as to how we arrived in the great divide but most have a very common thread, big government liberals who believe people can’t take care of themselves and the government can and will do a better job. Scary isn’t it? We voted them in, we pay their way, and they believe they are smarter than we are. When are we going to toughen up, get demanding, and enforce the word accountability? When a stranger enters our lives,homes, business and steals, robs,or hurts us some how we seek justice, we ask for relief, we want personal responsibility, accountability to resolve the foul play. Should it be any different on a community, state, or federal level? When our government leaders fail us,or worse break the law why do we let them stay

This week another classic example of big government intervention surfaces.The scuffle about insured coverage for birth control. Health insurance is called health insurance not birth control insurance. Arguments over women’s rights and religious positions is merely skirting the obvious issue at hand. Personal responsibility is what is in question here. What ever happened to the word abstinence? Read Jacob Sullum’s article in Reason Magazine covering His common sense response to the complaint from law student Sandra Fluke made about her inability to afford prescription birth control.His response is well said and point on with regard to the big government issues that are washing over our nation and how skewered the liberals self-proclaimed rights have become.

It isn’t to late to put a stop to the path we are on, but it’s along way back to where we came from. Do you have the courage and the stamina?